Strategic planning process
"Strategic Planning Process" are three of the dirtiest words in corporate linguistics.  Managers describe the annual planning process as tedious, frustrating, distracting make-work – and that’s when they are being polite.

We wish we could say that working with Inmill will change all this.  But we cannot – alas, we are consultants and not magicians.  Developing a truly winning strategy will always require hard work, rigorous analysis, stepping out of comfort zones, and taking time away from urgent “real work”.  Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or "magic wands".

But what we can say is this: We can ensure that all this hard work pays off.  We will work with you to design and run a process that is relevant, focused on the issues that truly determine success or failure for your organization, and which leads to insight, commitment, and results.

Inmill principals have done this for companies ranging from multi-billion dollar industry leaders to market upstarts.  We would be happy to discuss some of our success stories with you.

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