Startups must keep a lot of balls in the air. They start life with a vision, an intuitive sense of a market/technology gap, the skills and networks of the founding team, and a lot of enthusiasm.

These ingredients are exciting and have great potential value, but they are raw.

The startup must quickly blend them into a compelling business case and effectively communicate that case to a skeptical world of funders, customers, and the other partners needed to get the venture off the ground.

It must do this in the face of thousands of other startups who are scrambling for the same investor, partner, and customer mind-share.

And it must accomplish all this at warp speed, usually with limited internal resources.

At Inmill we recognize these challenges and have developed a “package” to help startups cost-effectively accomplish the most critical initial steps of their journey.

We work through these steps in a highly interactive process. We are deep believers in the power of teamwork, and make sure to fully leverage the expertise, creativity, and energy of both the entrepreneurs and the surrounding team of staff and advisors.

The major steps of our startup package are outlined below. Please click on each one to learn more, and contact us to discuss any in more detail.

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