Startup funding
It generally takes money to make money.   No matter how good your idea and team, one way or another, an early step is always going to be about funding.

There are many potential options to the startup funding challenge: self-funding, “friends and family”, project bootstrapping, government funding, customer funding, strategic partnering, VC/Angel funding, etc.

All these options are legitimate, each has its plusses and minuses, and each is best for a specific kind of business situation.  Rather than jump to one direction or another, entrepreneurs often benefit from help in understanding the range of options that are out there, and thinking through which best suit the characteristics of their business.

For example, you might find the Funding Framework useful in thinking through which generic funding direction best suits the characteristics of your business. Please click to review.

At Inmill, we have had success with all of these funding mechanisms.  We have worked with companies to acquire funding from VCs, angels, and investment banks, from government agencies of several nations, from advance sales to customers and partners, from IP deals, from international Business Plan contests, from bi-national and multi-national funds… you name it.  We can help you work through the options that are most realistic and suitable for your particular venture and help you decide on which to focus.  Feel free to call us to discuss your business and funding challenges.
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