Competitive strategy
In every industry, a few companies stand out as competitive superstars.  They have figured out the keys to sustainable advantage and consistently enjoy the lion's share of the industry profits.  Their puzzled and frustrated competitors fight over the lower-margin scraps. Our job at Inmill is to ensure that our clients are part of the first group and not the second.

Until quite recently, this was surprisingly simple. The ingredients of competitive advantage were well understood and cut across most industries. We strategists could look clever without having to work too hard – our "cookie cutter" solutions generally worked pretty well.

That predictable world is now nostalgia. Technology and globalization have undermined the traditional competitive levers, and the new ones are far less clear. This emerging, uncertain, and dynamic competitive environment puts an unprecedented premium on creativity in strategy development, and resilience in implementation.

This is where Inmill excels. We help our clients stay ahead of the curve, avoid competitive traps, and stake out emerging opportunities for true and lasting advantage. We do this through:

  • Intensive competitive, market, and customer-need analysis.
  • Insight-driven industry structure, technology, and customer-need forecasting.
  • Creative and rigorous strategy development and testing.
We would be happy to hear about the competitive environment in your industry and discuss potential directions.

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