Customer analysis
Sometimes, indeed usually, organizations find it difficult to truly understand the needs, priorities, wishes, and transformations of their customers and potential customers. When you are proud of your product and strategy, it is difficult to listen objectively to what other people think about it. But since those people eventually vote with their feet (or more correctly, wallets), not listening is not a promising option.

We provide a simple but surprisingly valuable service of customer analysis. We listen to your customers, and to your competitors’ customers, and bring you back the insights. Typically, this involves a few steps:

1. Understanding customer segmentation and identifying which are the most critical segments (and emerging segments)
2. Working with management to identify the most critical hypotheses, questions, and required answers
3. Conducting in-depth, open-ended interviews and/or group meetings with key customers
4. Analyzing, reporting, and assisting the organization to internalize the results.

The result is often a fresh understanding of what resources are being “wasted” on benefits that don’t matter to customers, what critical needs are being left wide-open for competitors, and what unmet needs represent opportunities for future innovation.

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