Business development

Our ancestors preferred bows and arrows to email, but their goals were basically the same:   hunt down nutritious creatures in order to feed the clan, and the bigger the creature, the better.

The targets and technology may have changed since paleo days, but the basic problem has not – the highest value targets are also usually the biggest, strongest, and most difficult to hunt.

While we cannot do the killing for you (anyway we are mostly vegetarians), we will get you into the thick of the game – in fact, we will get your company in front of the right person at any company in the US Fortune 500, guaranteed.

Creating and developing the right contacts requires an unusual combination of characteristics: energy and patience; “chutzpa” and respect; creativity and diligence. People who are good at all these things are rare and consequently expensive. Many companies would benefit from focused high-level business development assistance but cannot afford such premium hires.

Inmill provides outsourced business development capability that enables companies to pay for what they need, only when they need it.

We focus on North America, the UK, Australia and South Africa. Our networks and backgrounds in these geographies, and our strengths in English language marketing and communications, enable us to quickly identify the right organizations, and access the right decision-makers at those organizations.

Our outsourced business development services include:

  • identifying and developing relationships with potential partners and customers
  • developing government agency sponsorship opportunities
  • creating proposals, business plans, white-papers and offering documents
  • supporting negotiations and helping close deals
And when the deal is done, you may want to announce it through a press release rather than a cave-painting, but of course that is up to you.

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