Business Plans (and other key documents)
Once the strategy has been clarified and the funding plan developed, the next step is to create the basic set of funding documents (fortunately, these are electronic these days and no longer require cutting down a forest for every new company).

The type of documents required naturally depends on the funding plan. For example,

  • If the funding plan is equity (angel/VC), the company needs a rigorous business plan, an intriguing executive summary, and a compelling presentation.
  • If the plan is grant/government program funding, the company needs briefs that will generate interest by targeted agencies, and then to develop specific grant applications.
  • If the plan is customer/partner funding, the company needs sales materials, offering memoranda, and focused presentations.

Inmill has extensive and highly successful experience with all of the above. We have written business plans and presentations that have won international competitions, written proposals that were selected for funding out of literally thousands submitted, and written winning applications to some of the most selective grant-giving programs in the world.

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