Innovation management
Many (actually most) CEOs complain that their organizations are not innovative enough. They point to boats that were missed and competitors that blind-sided them. And they are usually right – it is the rare corporation that manages to tap the full innovation potential of its people, business networks, and customer communities.

Yet innovation is an increasingly critical determinant of business success. In many industries today it is literally make-or-break. 

Inmill principals have helped leading companies dramatically improve their innovation capabilities and orientation. Our methodology helps organizations, large and small to:

  1. specify a target portfolio of innovation goals
  2. create focused innovations within the target portfolio
  3. rigorously evaluate the resulting innovations 
  4. develop decisive implementation strategies for the selected innovations
  5. cascade the resulting strategies rapidly through the organization and into the field

For example, Inmill led the executive team of a previously stagnating technology company through a structured "business breakthrough" process. The process resulted in a new patented product line that has led to quadrupling of company revenues, and enabled the company to break out of the small community bank market, and penetrate the largest international banks in the US.

Please speak to us about the opportunities and obstacles that you see for innovation in your organization.

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