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Funding framework
This framework is designed to help quickly direct a startup towards the general funding direction that best fits its critical business issues. It is a general exercise and of course not at all exhaustive or specific.

The horizontal axis relates to how important it is to be first in your particular industry. In some industries being first is everything – the most aggressive early entrants become the standard and all later entrants are at a critical disadvantage. Other industries are the opposite: the “best (wo)man wins” and there is no penalty for getting to the party late. Indeed, fashionably late with a better offering will blow away the early birds.

The vertical axis relates to how clear the market demand for your first product is. Sometimes, the need and requirements are clear, and the only challenge is building the product – once built, it is clear that it will sell. Other times, the need is speculative, untested and may even be untestable – the fist product is a “crap-shoot” and its main purpose is to get into the market so you can start on V2.0.

At Inmill, we have had success with all of these funding mechanisms. We have worked with startups to acquire funding from VCs, angels, and investment banks, from government agencies of several nations, from advance sales to customers and partners, from IP deals, from international Business Plan contests, from bi-national and multi-national funds… you name it. We can help you work through the options that are most realistic and suitable for your particular venture and help you decide on which to focus. Feel free to call us to discuss your business and funding challenges.

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